Ipoh, Malaysia- The City

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Ipoh Trainstation (1935, Arthur Benison Hubback) and City Hall

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Dinner Party!

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Londoners had to suffer through a 48 hour Tube strike that started on Tuesday night, almost all tube lines in central London were closed. The horrible wet weather dramatized the situation and a long day at uni was  worse! A change to the mundane mood of a Wednesday was a lovely dinner at my friend’s flat. Although I had to endure a long and crowded bus trip to hers.

Food- She prepared a delicious, comforting meals of steak pie, oven roasted vegetables and mushrooms- just what we needed! As usual, I was the last to finish, scavenging on the last few bits of each dish. Homemade sticky date-toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, was the highlight of my meal, it was really such a treat for a windy winter’s night. It wasn’t anybody’s birthday, incase you were wondering about the pudding with the sparkler- it was just for shits and giggles! And I got a good picture out of it! Oh, and the drink is a tasty mix of ginger ale and grenadine juice, plus the berries.

The evening continued with a game of Cards Against Humanity. It really is a game for ‘horrible people’. Some of our creations were hilarious and some, just offensive. Take a look at the pictures! It was all good fun and a great evening of mid-week ‘madness’!

Lunar New Year

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Late dinner at Mandarin Kitchen, Bayswater. Wait wasn’t too long compared to the hour long wait on my previous visit. It’s the Chinese New Year and a big meal was in order- for prosperity ( of course!). It was predominantly a seafood dinner- razor clams, soft shell crab and the delicious lobster noodles.

Some shots of the circle line train (it’s new!) and you have to  love the retro seats.

Just a last thought- the silly fortune cookie’s fortune does not make sense!