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A week late on this post. Went to Greenwich for a little wander. A UNESCO world heritage site, Cutty Sark- the world’s only existing tea clipper is now  a small museum of itself. Raised 3 metres above and supported structurally, definitely an architectural marvel! Next off, the maritime museum, the most current exhibit is Turner’s paintings of the sea. Realistic scenes of ships at war.

Then trekked up a hill for the observatory. I could feel the temperature drop as the altitude rose! Maybe a slight exaggeration… but it was worth it. Managed a picture with Greenwich Meridian Line

Dinner Party!

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Londoners had to suffer through a 48 hour Tube strike that started on Tuesday night, almost all tube lines in central London were closed. The horrible wet weather dramatized the situation and a long day at uni was  worse! A change to the mundane mood of a Wednesday was a lovely dinner at my friend’s flat. Although I had to endure a long and crowded bus trip to hers.

Food- She prepared a delicious, comforting meals of steak pie, oven roasted vegetables and mushrooms- just what we needed! As usual, I was the last to finish, scavenging on the last few bits of each dish. Homemade sticky date-toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, was the highlight of my meal, it was really such a treat for a windy winter’s night. It wasn’t anybody’s birthday, incase you were wondering about the pudding with the sparkler- it was just for shits and giggles! And I got a good picture out of it! Oh, and the drink is a tasty mix of ginger ale and grenadine juice, plus the berries.

The evening continued with a game of Cards Against Humanity. It really is a game for ‘horrible people’. Some of our creations were hilarious and some, just offensive. Take a look at the pictures! It was all good fun and a great evening of mid-week ‘madness’!