Cinque Terre- Riomaggiorie

IMG_6549 IMG_6501 IMG_6568

A UNESCO world heritage site, Cinque Terre is part of a national park on the north west coast of Italy. We flew into Pisa from London and made our way there by train ( just one change at La Spezia). From the name, Cinque Terre is made up of five villages along the coast- Riomaggiorie, Manorola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. We chose to stay in Riomaggiore and make short day trips to the other villages… stay tuned for more pictures!

IMG_6494 IMG_6487  IMG_6514 IMG_6527 IMG_6528  IMG_6547  IMG_6556


IMG_6565  IMG_6569 IMG_6570 IMG_6574 IMG_6594 IMG_6595 IMG_6616 IMG_6628 IMG_6651



IMG_6544                                    IMG_6639 IMG_6656 IMG_6662 IMG_6663 IMG_6635IMG_6653 IMG_6567

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