IMG_5638 IMG_5643 IMG_5647 IMG_5650

IMG_5659 IMG_5660 IMG_5668 IMG_5672

Pradasphere 2014, Harrods.

IMG_5674 IMG_5675 IMG_5679 IMG_5681

Prada collections from 1990s-2014

IMG_5689 IMG_5690 IMG_5691 IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5694

The details in the design are what makes Prada’s creations so memorable.

IMG_5695 IMG_5702 IMG_5706 IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5737 IMG_5739 IMG_5742 IMG_5744 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5747 IMG_5748 IMG_5751 IMG_5752 IMG_5757 IMG_5759 IMG_5760


IMG_5764 IMG_5772 IMG_5773 IMG_5809


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