where the skies & seas merge

IMG_5932 IMG_5996IMG_5989 IMG_5964

IMG_5979 IMG_5985   IMG_5997 IMG_6006 IMG_6008 IMG_6021 IMG_6091 IMG_6101 IMG_6104 IMG_6107 IMG_6122 IMG_6145 IMG_6168 IMG_6170 IMG_6172 IMG_6187 IMG_6189 IMG_6190 IMG_6191 IMG_6200 IMG_6201 IMG_6228 IMG_6229 IMG_6234 IMG_6248 IMG_6251 IMG_6265 IMG_6281 IMG_6296 IMG_6298 IMG_6305


More of Howth, Ireland. The lighting changed dramatically as the sun shone, which was a blessing! Good weather and great for photographs! Howth is a fishing village on the East coast of Ireland, a bus ride away from Dublin. Spent most of the Saturday morning (in March) walking along the cliffs.. which shouldn’t have taken us very long to trek!  Hope you like the stunning views just as much as I did!


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