Friday Late- Sound It Out

IMG_0567 IMG_0585 IMG_0614 IMG_0600 IMG_0686 IMG_0620 IMG_0656 IMG_0697IMG_0645 IMG_0603

I’ve been to a couple of Lates at the V&A since my first year in London. Last night’s theme was ‘sound it out’ and the museum was filled with various installations by musicians and artists. It felt more like an alternative East London night club, swarmed by the entire hipster community of London. I’m sure most people came for the cheap thrill to get drunk at the V&A and smoke up in the gardens, which I think is rather disrespectful.  I did feel a bit lost when trying to get my head round some exhibits and have to conclude that it wasn’t my favourite Late at the V&A. Nevertheless, the night was somewhat intriguing and a good start to the weekend.


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